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The Grampians Regional Project Consultant is a unique position to the Grampians Region. The position is funded to approach workforce capacity building with funded organisations, wellness, reablement and restorative care implementation and to provide practical support to help funded organisations put new initiatives in place.
A key role of the Grampians Regional Project Consultant is to advocate and facilitate the application of new concepts in service delivery and act as a key communication point for regional projects and initiatives. Past projects have been targeted towards service delivery and practice improvement, such as medication, foot-care and continence.


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Aged Care Readiness ResourcesFact sheets developed for CHSP service providers in the Grampians Region to address essential practice in preparing for, and meeting their service and compliance obligations (Aged Care Quality Standards).

Note: Resources developed by ‘Quality Service Improvement’ for the Grampians Region Sector Development Team (December 2021).

See the overview Factsheet for further information, titled "Aged Care Standards Readiness Resources".
Aged Care Standards Readiness Resources

Quality Improvement is the Focus

Self Assessment and Internal Auditing

Readiness against the Aged Care Quality Standards

Domain: Dignity, Respect, Choice and Complaints

Domain: Care Planning and Personal Clinical Care

Domain: Lifestyle and Service Environment

Domain: Governance and Human Resource
Guiding Principles - CHSP and HACC-PYPThese fact sheets were developed to assist community support workers and their managers.

They were initially developed for the Vic-HACC Program (HACC-PYP) in 2013, however were reviewed and revised in 2020 to incorporate the CHSP.
What can a Diabetes Educator do within their role, March 2020

What can an Occupational Therapist do within the role, March 2020

What can a Physiotherapist do within their role, March 2020

What can a Speech Pathologist do within their role, March 2020

Flexible and enabling delivery of Personal Care services, March 2020

What can a Dietitian do within their role, March 2020

Communicating a Person-Centred Wellness Approach, March 2020

What is CHSP and HACC-PYP Nursing?
Continence care in the communityA number of resources were developed to assist all HACC-PYP and CHSP staff to understand the dynamics of having a continence problem, how it affects people, who can assist and what type of resources are available to help.

Please Note: The tools and resources were developed primarily for HACC-PYP – however all material also fits with CHSP requirements.
eLearning Module: “Continence elearning for CHSP and HACC-PYP Community Care Workers in the Grampians Region”

Practical Guide to Continence Services in Grampians 0617

A range of other tools have been developed and implemented:

Community Support Worker Resource Kit
This is a large file and will take a few minutes to download – it is a ‘live’ document and new logo’s are being added as new agencies participate

Referral pathways

Continence implementation process for personal care providers

Community Support Worker training package

Community Support Worker Role, 13th November 2014

Screening tool for bladder and bowel control problems
It is intended that this is a knowledge tool for CSWs and a functional tool for Assessment Officers

Pre Train Quiz
Post Train Quiz

HACC Outcome of Referral Tool, November 2016

Service Handover Plan

A quiz for everyone to use. Quiz was developed by Amanda Larcombe, Continence Nurse Advisor, Rural Northwest Health.

Victorian Continence Resource Centre
Urine colour chart

Movicol – Choose your POO! _Stool_Chart
Home SafetyThe Service Provider Home Safety Checklist, and Protocol for using the Checklist were created in 2015/2016, and again in March 2021.
Home Safety Checklist Generic March 2021

Recommendations for implementation March 2021

Personal Care ProtocolThe Grampians Region Personal Care Protocol was developed in response to requests from Grampians Region HACC-PYP Personal Care Providers for the provision of a document that clarified their role in the timely and effective delivery of personal care services. This protocol does not govern or determine the practices of registered nurses as their practice is determined by their individual registration as a nurse. A further review of the Grampians Region Personal Care Protocol was undertaken by a focus group and via email in June 2017 and made available for distribution in February 2018. A revision was completed in 2020.Grampians Region Personal Care Protocol – Revised 2019

Supervisor Kit

Assessor Instructions

Certificate of Completion 2019

Supervised Practical Review Form 2019

Community Care Worker – Assistance with Medication Record

Community Care Worker – Client Specific Training Record

Notification of Service Commencement – Personal Care Tasks

Revised Client Consent for Service Delivery and Information Sharing – December 2013

Service Handover Tool

Medical Practitioner Handover Tool
FootcareA project completed by the Grampians Regional Project Consultant in 2013-2015.eLearning Module: Self Care Understanding for Feet” (SCUFF) Training elearning Module (for CHSP and HACC-PYP Community Care Workers in the Grampians Region.)

Community Support Workers Screening Tool, August 2014

Podiatrist Referral Tool, August 2014
HACC-PYP AssessmentThe Victorian HACC Assessment Framework (DHS, 2007) sets out the program policy for assessment as a HACC-PYP-funded activity.

A range of documents were developed for Grampians Region service providers in 2015 to support HACC-PYP assessment.
Sample Assessor Position Description (updated Sept 2022)

Outcome of Referral/Assessment

Qualifications & Professional Development for HACC Assessment

Grampians Region Qualifications for HACC Living at Home Assessment Staff, 11 July 2011Sample Assessor Position Description
Scenario Based Care StudiesAnimated videos and fact sheets developed in June 2019 for HACC-PYP staff orientation and education.

(Note - These are based on best practice and policy available at the time of development. They are scenario based, and a number of assumptions have been made).
Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP) to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP): BOB
Link to video
Link to Bob Journey Fact Sheet

Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP) to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS): BETTY-JO
Link to video
Link to factsheet: BettyJo Fact Sheet

Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP) Service Coordination: MARY
Link to video
Link to factsheet. Mary Fact Sheet