Regional Development


The key role of the Regional Development Coordinator was to facilitate and support organisations to understand and prepare for change and reform in the aged care and disability service sectors. The RDC role included the following main functions:
  • Collecting information at the regional level about market capacity, service gaps, risks and opportunities;
  • Informing DoH and DHHS about systemic issues and trends;
  • Directing providers to information about the CHSP and HACC-PYP and sharing this information at regional alliances; and
  • Supporting alliances, networks and partnerships to promote collaborative service delivery and share good practice.
This position supported organisations in the Grampians Region from July 2017 to June 2019.
Regional Development Coordinators formed an important part of the regional sector development team and worked to promote a coordinated approach to sector development and change management.


The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) delivers the entry-level tier of support and is designed to provide a relatively small amount of care and support to frail older people to help them to remain living at home and in their communities.
The Program Manual documents the operational requirements of CHSP. It also forms part of a funded organisations Grant Agreement.
Part 1: Overview and program management: provides an overview of the HACC PYP program, legislative requirements and key Victorian policy and program directions.
Part 2: Eligibility and access: describes the target group, eligibility and priority criteria for the HACC PYP. It outlines the diversity initiative, the HACC PYP approach to assessment and care planning within the service coordination framework.
Part 3: HACC PYP funded activities: provides comprehensive information about the services or funded activities provided by HACC PYP.
A fact sheet published by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Australian Government Department of Health, detailing how the sector will be enabled to be leaders of change by May 2019.
Frequently Asked Questions providing further information to support the Victorian Community Care Sector Change Management Strategy.