Project Description

Supporting Inclusion

‘Supporting Inclusion’ is a free online learning program which has been developed with you, the support worker, in mind. It can also be used by trainers or teachers to support their teaching. The purpose of this program is to create a space where disability support workers can think about what social inclusion means for people with intellectual disability, and learn or refresh some useful tools and strategies to support people with intellectual disability in ways that will promote their social inclusion. The program is based on the principles of person centred active support, and is focused primarily on how this framework can be applied not just within supported accommodation services, but also out in the community. The contents of this interactive online training program are the result of many years of research both in Australia and overseas. A substantial body of research evidence clearly shows that people with intellectual disability experience extreme forms of social exclusion. At the same time, our recent study on encounters between people with and without intellectual disability, also shows that disability support workers can play a crucial role in facilitating opportunities for people with intellectual disability to be more socially included. Developed by the Living with Disability Research Centre at La Trobe University. There is no need to enquire, you can click below and start learning.

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