Project Description

Bushfire Training Modules – Safety for Workers & Planning for clients

With many traveling through, and living/working in high bushfire and grassfire risk areas over summer, we wish to inform you of the CFA online Bushfire e-learning training modules now available.

Bushfire Safety for Workers
This online session is an important OH&S and duty of care (maintaining a safe workplace) activity. It is about ensuring your staff know what do to if caught out in a bushfire and how to stay safe.

Bushfire Planning: How to support your clients
This online session will help your staff learn how to support their clients in bushfire planning. It focuses on the importance of conversations and recognises that most clients are capable of creating their own plan and likely a prompt or reminder is all that is required. It will help your staff (and volunteers) to determine who is most at risk and provide a referral pathway for clients they are concerned about.

These online sessions include interactive content and videos and it take approximately 45 to 50 minutes to complete, including a short sign-in process.

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