e-Bulletin: 5 October 2021

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Sector Development

– Critical Conversations, Safe & Effective Care; COVID-19 & the Roadmap Out (CHSP Providers)



– OPAN: Your Wellbeing Webinar Series

  Your Wellbeing: Supports during COVID-19

  Your Wellbeing: Staying Physically Active

  Your Wellbeing: Social and Emotional Strategies


Wellness & Reablement

– My Aged Care: Updates and Action Needed!


Trauma Informed Care

– Phoenix Australia: What is Trauma-Informed Care? video


Department of Health

– Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/18


Community Grants Hub

– CHSP Extension Readiness Survey – summary published 

Your Wellbeing Webinar Series

As Australia gets closer to reaching a COVID-19 vaccination coverage that will allow restrictions to ease, older people are looking ahead to what a reopening will look like for them.

We can support older people to start preparing to get back to doing what they love with the people they love as soon as they can do so safely.

Our three-part wellbeing webinar series brings together researchershealth and wellbeing specialists and people with lived experience. Join them as they share their tips, ideas and suggestions so you or an older person you know can stay physicallymentally and emotionally healthy, ready to live life to the fullest when your community reopens after the current COVID restrictions.

Your Wellbeing: Supports during COVID-19 |  View the replay!

Your Wellbeing: Staying Physically Active |  Watch the replay!

Your Wellbeing: Social and Emotional Strategies | Tuesday, 12 October at 11:30 AM (AEDT) Register here

My Aged Care: Updates and Action Needed!

Over the past few months there have been a number of updates to the My Aged Care website, including the removal of duplicate service entries, improvements to the ‘Find a Provider’ feature, and the ability and requirement to report vaccination numbers of staff. 

Recently the Department have also released the updated Provider Portal User Guide:
My Aged Care – Provider Portal User Guide: Part 1 Administrator Functions | Australian Government Department of Health.

Now is a great time to review not only your service information within My Aged Care, but your process for ensuring that this is occurs on a regular basis.

We have recently undertaken a snapshot audit of the information within My Aged Care, and found that many providers appear to have incorrect details within their service information.  The most notable issue is the location of where service is provided.  For some providers this means that your profile indicates you provide services in areas that you may not; whilst for others, they are not appearing in a ‘Find a Provider’ search.

This results in frustrations for clients and assessors, and a risk that you may not be receiving appropriate referrals or missing out on possible opportunities.  It is critical that your My Aged Care portal is accurate and maintained.

Over the next few weeks, I will be making contact with organisation’s regarding the results of the snapshot audit.  Let’s work together to ensure that clients are able to access timely and appropriate information and service – and that we are not creating any barriers for this to occur.  


Melanie Perks, Wellness & Reablement Consultant: melaniep@bchc.org.au


      What is Trauma-Informed Care?


Watch this short video to learn key aspects of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC). TIC can help improve day-to-day interactions with residents and their loved ones, support staff wellbeing, and create an environment that feels safe for everyone.

Information for the Aged Care Sector
Newsletter 18 (2021)

The Commonwealth Department of Health provides important information on matters affecting the aged care sector, including aged care initiatives, programs and processes.

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CHSP and Aged Care Reform information:

Upcoming engagement activities calendar (Ageing and Aged Care Engagement Hub)
The Ageing and Aged Care Engagement Hub now has a calendar of upcoming engagement activities to help you identify activities of interest and plan your involvement.

General information:

Support for the Stolen Generations accessing aged care
By 2023 all of the more than 17,000 Stolen Generations survivors in Australia will be aged 50 and over.


Announcements since the last newsletter:

– Dementia in Australia 2021 report released

The Dementia in Australia 2021 report provides a comprehensive picture of dementia and its impacts on Australia’s health and aged care systems.
Dementia is now the third-leading cause of disease burden in Australia. Up to 472,000 Australians are living with dementia, and more than half of people in residential aged care have dementia. Between 134,900 and 337,200 Australians are providing consistent unpaid care for a person with dementia.
The Australian Government is investing $229.4 million to improve care and services for people living with dementia.

Dear CHSP Provider

The Department of Health has published a summary of the CHSP – Extension Readiness Survey which closed on 2 August 2021. Thank you to all that completed the survey.

The Department of Health aims to keep CHSP providers informed by publishing regular information on the CHSP Resources page of the department’s website.

Thank you.

Community Grants Hub
Commonwealth Home Support Programme

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