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In this update:
– Rainbow Health Victoria: HOW2 LGBTIQ inclusion training
Wellness and Reablement
– What is Strengths Based Support?
– Wellness & Reablement Conversations
Trauma Informed Care
– Phoenix Australia: Recovery Online Toolkit: Managing Emotions
Department of Health
– Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/11
Department of Social Services
– CHSP – Data Exchange Reporting due 30 July 2021 (for January-June 2021)
Resources & Links
– Research Matters: Trans and Gender Diverse health and wellbeing
– BreastScreen Vic & THH: Seeking support for LGBTI+ community awareness project
 Rainbow Health Victoria: HOW2 LGBTIQ inclusion training Rainbow Health Victoria’s HOW2 Training program, designed to help organisations improve their LGBTIQ inclusion and practice and built around the standards that make up the Rainbow Tick, is now accepting bookings for our next course, beginning July 28. The training includes seven webinar sessions over six months, and offers practical coaching on building sustainable LGBTIQ-inclusive plans and programs for your organisation. It also includes access to Rainbow Health Victoria’s online learn-at-your-own pace Introduction to LGBTIQ Inclusive Practice module. Who should attend? Each organisation should send a minimum of 2 management-level staff to all sessions. Participants should have charge of Rainbow Tick accreditation, or of areas like quality, accreditation, service design, evaluation, diversity and engagement. Dates
Introduction to LGBTIQ Inclusive Practice Learn at your own pace (prerequisite)
Foundation session Wed 28 July 2021 10am-1pm
Standard 1 – Organisational Capability Wed 18 August 2021 10am-1pm
Standard 2 – Culturally Safe and Acceptable Wed 8 September 2021 10am-1pm
Standard 3 – Workforce Development Wed 6 October 2021 10am-1pm
Standard 4 – Consumer Participation Wed 27 October 2021 10am-1pm
Standard 5 – Disclosure and Documentation Wed 17 November 2021 10am-1pm
Standard 6 – Welcoming and Accessible Wed 15 December 2021 10am-1pm
To book, please fill in our online booking form. If you have any issues, please email or call 9479 8700
What is Strengths Based Support? At the very heart of the wellness approach is the focus on a clients strengths.   View Bob’s journey to gain insight into a Strengths based approach. Great video to utilise within a team meeting for some reflection and discussion.   Wellness & Reablement Conversations Talking about wellness and reablement with clients and their families/carers can be daunting for front line employees.  If clients and their families are unfamiliar with the concept and its benefits, it can be difficult to generate support and encourage participation.  This can be even more difficult if front line employees are uncertain of term or do not feel confident talking about wellness and reablement.  The CHSP digital landing page has a great resource that can support frontline staff with these conversations.   The Conversational Tips Tool can be accessed from:  Conversational tips | Australian Government Department of Health Melanie Perks, Wellness and Reablement Consultant,
Recovery Online Toolkit: Managing Emotions
After facing a traumatic event, people often experience intense and difficult emotions. They feel tense and wound up. Even after the danger has passed, distressing emotions may continue. This can be exhausting. Learn a grounding technique to manage your anxiety. It’s not unusual for difficult and stressful situations to make people feel ‘unreal’ or disconnected from what is going on around them. This can be a risky thing to have happen, because it makes it difficult for us to stay connected with the here and now. We may have learnt this as a way of coping with unbearable situations, but like lots of reactions, it can outlive its usefulness. This grounding technique is about focusing on what is going on around you in the here and now. 1. It can help to sit down to do this exercise – or to hold onto something solid. 2. Really feel the sensation of being connected to the floor, the chair, the wall. 3. Take a moment to notice three things you can feel – like the feeling of your clothes on your skin, or the sensation of your chair under your legs. 4. Take a moment to notice three things you can see – like the picture on the wall, or birds eating crumbs on the ground. 5. Take a moment to notice three things you can hear around you now – like the leaves rustling on trees, or laughter of children in the distance. 6. Remind yourself where you are and what you are doing.

Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/11

This newsletter provides important information on matters affecting the aged care sector, including aged care initiatives, programs and processes. We encourage you to share this newsletter with your colleagues and workforce, particularly your communications teams, and encourage them to subscribe for future updates. In this issue:
  • Aged Care Diversity Framework and Action Plans Australia is a diverse nation, and the need to provide safe, inclusive and respectful care that meets the needs of all older people is embedded in the Aged Care Quality Standards. The Aged Care Diversity Framework and action plans are available to help aged care providers deliver safe, inclusive and respectful care for people with diverse needs, characteristics and life experiences.
  • Palliative Care Conference scholarships now open
  • QI Program resources now available New resources for the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program (QI Program) are now available on the department’s website
  • Improved payment arrangements (IPA) for home care providers are coming – get ready now From 1 September 2021, home care funding will be based on services delivered to care recipients. The change means the government will hold the care recipients’ unspent Commonwealth funds. This will impact claiming arrangements for providers offering home care services.What can providers do to get ready? Get your claims up to date. Make sure you include the months you haven’t provided care to any care recipients. Please submit $0 claims for those months so your service is up to date. Only one claim can be finalised per day. Reconcile the Commonwealth unspent amount for departed care recipients, and continue to report this to Services Australia. If your software uses information from the Services Australia claiming system, contact the developer to understand what changes might be needed and the update process. For more information about IPA, visit the department’s website.
  • CHSP service finder de-duplication
  • Report released: CHSP Data Study The department engaged Deloitte Access Economics to conduct a data study of the CHSP to better understand the drivers of variation in the CHSP across states and territories, markets and consumer groups. This report presents the highlights and key patterns that emerged from the analysis. The analysis will be used by the department to inform current and future policy development.

Announcements since the last newsletter:

The department has also distributed these ‘Protecting Older Australians’ and ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ updates:
Dear CHSP Service Provider, Re: Commonwealth Home Support Programme – Data Exchange Reporting due 30 July 2021 for January-June 2021 reporting period In preparation for the end of the January to June 2021 reporting period, it is important all organisations submit their data into the Data Exchange as soon as possible. This allows you to identify and resolve any data entry issues before the 30 July 2021 system close. It is a requirement under Clause 13 of the Whole of Government Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions) that the “Grantee agrees to provide the Reporting Material specified in the Grant Details to the Commonwealth.”  Item E of the Grant Details in your Commonwealth Agreement outlines your performance reporting requirements, including activities for which you are required to provide client level data and service delivery information, in accordance with the Data Exchange Protocols. We encourage you to start talking about the importance of submitting timely data within your organisation and to please ensure you make plans to submit your organisation’s data early and frequently throughout each reporting period where possible so there is adequate time to ensure it is complete and accurate by the reporting period close date. There are a range of resources available on the Data Exchange Website that can assist you to properly set up DEX such as the Get Started section and Quick Start Guide, as well as resources to assist you with reporting of your data in DEX such as the Data Exchange Protocols and Other Useful Resources section. We also encourage you to utilise the Data Exchange reporting function to validate the data your organisation has submitted and help to identify any errors or inconsistencies prior to the due date of 30 July 2021. Instructions for utilising this function including a Quick Guide to Using DEX Reports are available on the Data Exchange Website. Please also note, the Data Exchange only considers re-opening the system where the organisation can demonstrate there are exceptional circumstances. Please note, the following circumstances are not considered exceptional:
  • delays in obtaining a myGovID;
  • staff unavailable to submit/input the data;
  • not being aware of reporting requirements; or
  • delays caused by a third party vendor.
If you require assistance with setting up and reporting your CHSP service delivery in the Data Exchange you are able to contact the Data Exchange Helpdesk on 1800 020 283 or for technical assistance. Thank you for your ongoing work delivering CHSP services and helping clients to maintain independence and continue living safely at home and in their communities. Community Grants Hub Commonwealth Home Support Programme Victorian State Office Department of Social Services
Research Matters: Trans and Gender Diverse health and wellbeing Research Matters is a series of information resources produced by Rainbow Health Victoria that: X draws together the latest research on LGBTIQ health and wellbeing X promotes knowledge on the key issues involved in LGBTIQ inclusion X assists communities, organisations, service providers and government in implementing policies and programs to improve health, wellbeing and inclusion This issue will summarise current research into trans and gender diverse health and wellbeing.
Breastscreen Victoria & Thorne Habour Health: 

Seeking support for LGBTI+ community awareness project

Are you an LGBTI+ community member aged between 50-74 with breast screening experience? If so, then we want to hear from you! BreastScreen Victoria is seeking LGBTI+ and eligible trans and gender diverse people aged 50-74 who have had a breast screen to join our ‘Picture of Health’ project. LGBTI+ community members aged 50-74 screen at a much lower rate than the heterosexual, non-LGBTIQ community. At BreastScreen Victoria, we are committed to reducing barriers to screening and making sure our services are inclusive, welcoming, and safe for LGBTI+ people. That includes working with the community and ensuring that LGBTI+ people are represented in the photos and videos for our resources, educational, and advertising materials. ‘Picture of Health’ is an exciting new project to help boost awareness and encourage participation in breast screening among eligible members of the LGBTI+ community. We are seeking people to share their story of breast screening and are happy to have their image used. Are you interested in supporting us? Please complete and submit the expression of interest form to help us get to know you better.

We are happy to help.

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