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– Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing Webinars

  Tips for Effective Co-design for Older People From Diverse Backgrounds
  Inclusive Consumer Feedback
Dementia Australia: Dementia Action Week 20-26 September


Wellness & Reablement

– Wellness Brings Social Connectedness


Trauma Informed Care

– Phoenix Australia: Wellbeing and Self Care video


Department of Health

– Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/17




Tips for Effective Co-design with Older People from Diverse Backgrounds

Date: Wednesday 27th October 2021

Time: 2pm to 3.30pm (Melbourne time)

Where: Online

Cost: Free

Intended Audience: Leaders and direct care workers in aged care nationwide

Outline of the Webinar:

The webinar will cover:

Overview of approaches to effective co-design with diverse communities delivered by Impacto Consulting.

A good practice example from Fronditha care, an aged care provider in Melbourne, on how they applied co-design principles to design and deliver services to older people from diverse cultural backgrounds in their residential care setting.

The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing will also launch its Practice Guide on Effective Co-design with Older People from Diverse Backgrounds.

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Inclusive Consumer Feedback

Date: Wednesday 17th November 2021

Time: 2pm to 3.30pm (Melbourne time)

Where: Online

Cost: Free

Intended Audience: Leaders and direct care workers in aged care nationwide

Outline of the Webinar:

This webinar aims to support staff in the aged care sector to understand the importance of cultural awareness when considering how to get consumer feedback and consumer voices into the organisation. It will cover the importance of flexible approaches to getting consumer feedback and examples from a leading multicultural aged care provider Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS).

The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding cultural expectations amongst communities when giving feedback
  • Providing opportunities for feedback and complaints provided through multiple methods and channels
  • The importance of engaging with advocacy groups or peak bodies representing older people from culturally diverse backgrounds for advice and co-designing consumer feedback approaches
  • The importance of having a policy or framework in place for inclusive feedback and complaints mechanisms
  • The webinar will also showcase the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing’s Consumer Voice short film made in conjunction with Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS)

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The concept for Dementia Action Week was developed in consultation with Dementia Advocates, who have a lived experience of dementia. The ‘A little support makes a big difference’ campaign demonstrates that many people living with dementia can continue to live well for many years after their diagnosis. This year, the focus will also be on supporting and celebrating carers of people living with dementia.

Dementia Australia will provide information and tips to encourage all Australians to increase their understanding of dementia and learn how they can make a difference to the lives of people around them who are impacted – and to help eliminate discrimination. These include simple and practical tips to:

  • Give a little support to a person living with dementia.
  • Give a little support to a carer, friend or family member of a person living with dementia.
  • Help healthcare professionals make their practice more dementia-friendly.

This awareness-raising campaign will continue to lead the discussion about discrimination, which we know has a big impact on people living with dementia, their families and carers. The good news is, there is a lot can be done to improve their experiences. To find out how you can make a difference please visit our campaign site by clicking the link below:

Visit the website

Community organisations, partners and supporters, we encourage you to register your interest to receive further information about Dementia Action Week 2021, discrimination and dementia.

Wellness Brings Social Connectedness

Applying a wellness approach to service delivery can lead to great initiatives for service providers and great outcomes for clients.  Have a look at the ‘Eating for Independence’ program that is run by Gateway Health in the Hume region and hear from clients and staff. 
The program provided an opportunity for the men to increase their cooking skills with a focus on healthy eating and knowledge building whilst also building social connections.    

I’m on the lookout for great initiatives that demonstrate a wellness approach to service delivery, so if you have an initiative that you would like to showcase – please get in touch with me.

Melanie Perks, Wellness & Reablement Consultant: melaniep@bchc.org.au


      Self Care


Caring for others is rewarding but it can impact on your health and wellbeing. This video is a gentle reminder to prioritise your own well-being and practice self-care.

Information for the Aged Care Sector
Newsletter 17 (2021)

The Commonwealth Department of Health provides important information on matters affecting the aged care sector, including aged care initiatives, programs and processes.

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CHSP and Aged Care Reform information:

Ageing and Aged Care Engagement Hub
The Engagement Hub has been established to improve the way the department engages with the sector and the community on the aged care reforms. It provides a central source of information about current aged care engagement activities with the department.

Latest CHSP Wellness and Reablement Reports outcomes
In late 2019 and 2020, Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers reported on wellness and reablement approaches in their service practices through an online survey.

2021 Wellness and Reablement Report for CHSP providers due 31 October
Under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) grant agreement, providers must submit an annual Wellness and Reablement Report to the department. If not received by 1 October 2021, please contact your Funding Arrangement Manager. The report is due by 31 October 2021.

Boost to CHSP respite funding from January 2022
The Government will provide funding from January 2022 to boost respite funding across Centre-based Respite and Flexible Respite services. This funding will be split amongst eligible existing CHSP respite funded providers.


Announcements since the last newsletter:

– Aged Care Workforce Census Report released
Released every four years, the report presents findings about the aged care workforce in Australia from an online questionnaire with providers of residential aged care, the Home Care Packages Program and the Commonwealth Home Care Programme in late 2020.

– Have your say: Guiding principles for medication management
Are you involved in medication management? We are updating two national quality use of medicines (QUM) publications and we would appreciate your input.

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