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Sector Development
– Introduction to Meaningful Ageing Australia and Spiritual Care
Wellness and Reablement
– Reablement Update
– MACLE – Wellness & Reablement Online Learning
Trauma Informed Care
– Phoenix Australia: Trauma-informed practice in the aged care workforce: Wellbeing and self-care strategies for individuals, teams and organisations
Department of Health: Phoenix Australia is one of the organisations delivering trauma support to the aged care sector in the Aged Care COVID-19 Grief and Trauma Response Package.
Department of Health
– Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/10
Aged care reform webinars
Providers encouraged to report on workforce COVID-19 vaccination
Upcoming Events
– Ballarat Community Health:  Elder Abuse Prevention – Online Event
Introduction to Meaningful Ageing Australia and Spiritual Care
28 June 2021 via Zoom: 12.30pm-1.30pm
The Hunter Sector Support & Development Project would like to extend an opportunity to attend an upcoming event.
Overview: Introduction to Meaningful Ageing Australia, contemporary spiritual care in aged care and its relevance for the changing context of aged care in Australia post-Royal Commission.
Target Audience: Senior Staff, Managers, Coordinators, Team Leaders etc.
To register for this free event, click on the following link:
Short intro webinar:
Introduction to Spiritual Care in Aged Care & the National Guidelines – YouTube
Disclaimer: Although funding for this Webinar has been provided by the Australian Government Department of Health, the material, views and resources contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government Department of Health.

Reablement Update
Did you know that a period of Reablement can be referred to now as a result of a Support Plan Review?
Well yes it can – This was announced as part of the recent My Aged Care update:  Summary of My Aged Care System Changes – March 2021 | Australian Government Department of Health
Not being able to provide Reablement Services as an outcome of a Support Plan Review was identified by Service Providers and RAS as a barrier to accessing reablement services over the past couple of years. This feedback was provided to the Department of Health and It is really encouraging to see that feedback from the Sector has been incorporated into improvements within the system.
There have been many scenarios identified by RAS and Service Providers where reablement would have been beneficial for clients in these circumstances.
Consider these scenarios:
‘Betty Jo’ has been receiving Domestic Assistance through CHSP, and has recently had a fall in the shower which resulted in her losing her confidence with undertaking her own personal care, and going shopping on her own.  Betty has said that she will now need someone to do the shopping for her, and help with showers. In this instance, the RAS staff can speak to Betty and explore ways to increase her confidence.  RAS staff can undertake a Support Plan Review and together with Betty Jo – develop a goal around ‘increasing confidence’.  This may result in a recommendation for Reablement services for Social Support Individual so that Betty Jo can have a support worker assist her with the shopping; and a referral for Personal Care services – both with a focus on increasing Betty-Jo’s confidence to undertake these tasks independently.
‘John’ has been attending the local Social Support Group activities, and had been making his own way to the Centre. John has recently given up his Drivers Licence and is no longer able to get himself to the Centre but would like to remain active in the community.  He has never used Public Transport but would like to learn how. RAS staff can undertake a support plan review, and together with John, develop a goal around ‘learning new skills’. This may result in a recommendation for Reablement services for Social Support Individual so that John can be supported by a Community Care Worker to learn how to use public transport – including Myki card, reading timetables etc. This may result in the Community Care Worker undertaking several small trips on Public Transport with John so that he is supported to learn the new skill of navigating the public transport system.
Remember that Service Providers are able to request a Service Plan Review via My Aged Care, and when doing so, need to provide enough information as possible to justify the review.  I would encourage you to make contact with your local RAS, if you have updates regarding your service availability, or new programs.
I have also included below resources for both Service Providers and RAS which may be useful.
Service Provider Resources
My Aged Care – Provider Portal User Guide: Part 2 Team Leader and Staff Member Functions (  (pgs 66-72)
When to Request a Support Plan Review from an Assessor fact sheet | Australian Government Department of Health
RAS Resources My Aged Care Quick Reference Guide 7 – Completing a Support Plan and Support Plan Review (RAS) | Australian Government Department of Health
I look forward to hearing of Reablement episodes being recommended for existing clients. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, or questions.

MACLE – Wellness & Reablement Online Learning
I have received a number of queries regarding the My Aged Care Learning Environment (MACLE) – Wellness & Reablement Modules, so thought it timely to provide an update with some frequently asked questions.
What do I do if I have new staff who I want to register for the training?
The Department of Health originally only had 10,000 pre-paid training places, however have been able to provide registrations for a further 5,000 CHSP Support Workers. If you have new or additional staff who you would like to register, please complete the Template that was originally provided, and return via email to the requested email. If you need a copy of the email  – please give me a call.
We registered staff but have not heard anything about the registrations yet?
There was a huge demand for places, and the Department are working hard to manage the unexpected backlog, they have engaged external data entry support and those caught in the backlog should be registered in the coming weeks. You will be notified once registrations have been processed.
What training to complete?
Three training modules have been developed. Enrolled learners will have access to all three modules.
Module 1 – all enrolled training participants must complete Module 1.  It provides entry-level information on wellness and reablement, what it is, and how it applies to entry level support workers.  Module 1 has 3 x segments, and while self-paced, it is anticipated each segment may take between 1 to 2 hours per segment to complete. On successful completion of Module 1, learners will be awarded a certificate of achievement in foundations in wellness and reablement.
Module 2 – builds on the introductory module and provides strategies to help put wellness and reablement into practice when working with your clients. Module 2 should be completed by all CHSP support workers who have a direct engagement role with their clients. Team leaders and managers will benefit from this module. This module has 2 segments that may take between 1.5 to 2 hrs. On successful completion of Module 2, learners will awarded a certificate of achievement in putting wellness and reablement into practice. Entry level support workers do not need to complete Module 2 or 3.
Module 3 – is designed for CHSP team leaders and managers who have completed Modules 1 and 2. It is designed to support and guide managers to plan and develop strategies to embed wellness and reablement into service delivery business practices. On successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate of achievement. This is an in depth module and may take between 5 and 6 hours (if all recommended readings are included by the learner in their training).
How long do I have to complete the training:
The training is self-paced and adult learning principles apply. This allows individuals to complete the training at their own pace, learning style and speed. The preference is for each enrolled participant to complete their training within 3 months.  However, all participants will be provided 12-months access to the My Aged Care Learning Environment (MACLE) as this will enable individuals to revise or refresh information after they have completed the required module(s).
Importantly, learners can save where there are up to, and go back in later to resume the training course.
The Podcast series has been designed as a fun, easy way to supplement the online training and is designed for all enrolled participants.  However it can be listened to by any interested individuals at: wellness and reablement podcasts

Melanie Perks, Wellness and Reablement Consultant,

Trauma-informed practice in the aged care workforce: Wellbeing and self-care strategies for individuals, teams and organisations

Wed 16th Jun 2021, 4:00pm – 5:00pm AEST

Working in aged care and looking after older people can be very rewarding. But sometimes it can be difficult or stressful. The people you provide care for may have experienced trauma, loss and grief in their lives and this can have an effect on you.
This free webinar will explore practical strategies to help individuals, teams and organisations manage stress and improve wellbeing.
This webinar will cover:
  • practical wellbeing strategies designed for the aged care sector, and examples of how they can be applied

  • managing situations that have the potential to be morally challenging, stressful and possibly injurious

Who should attend?
  • Aged care sector staff including personal care workers, clinical, nursing, allied health, and wellbeing staff, and leaders and managers
  • Aged care peak bodies staff
As referenced on the Department of Health website:
Further resources can be found here:

Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/10

This newsletter provides important information on matters affecting the aged care sector, including aged care initiatives, programs and processes. We encourage you to share this newsletter with your colleagues and workforce, particularly your communications teams, and encourage them to subscribe for future updates. In this issue:
REMINDER: All providers strongly encouraged to report now on workforce COVID-19 vaccination On 4 June 2021, the Australian Government announced the introduction of a new reporting tool for all approved providers of residential, in-home and community aged care services to report on the COVID-19 vaccination status of their aged care workforce.All approved providers of aged care services are strongly encouraged to start reporting now. Weekly reporting of worker vaccination information is at an individual service level. Reporting is via the My Aged Care portal for approved providers. The new reporting requires approved providers to record de-identified data at a service level on the:
  • total number of workers at each aged care service and, of those,
  • the number of workers at each service who have received a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine
  • the number of workers at each service who have received all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Fact sheets for In home and community aged care
  • factsheet is available to provide guidance to providers on how to collect and report information on the number of workers at your service who have received a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • factsheet is available for aged care workers to explain the new reporting tool and why the information is being collected by approved providers. This factsheet is currently being translated into 19 languages and we will notify you when it is available.
Ballarat Community Health:  Elder Abuse Prevention – Online Event

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