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– Grampians Region Best Practice Forum 2021: Doing Business Differently (Registrations close 7 June)
– Clinical Governance Workshop for Grampians CHSP providers
– Introduction to Meaningful Ageing Australia and Spiritual Care
Trauma Informed Care
– Phoenix Australia: Aged Care Workforce – Trauma, Loss and Grief
Department of Health
– Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/9
Resources & Links
– Dementia Australia: The Dementia Guide
– WHO: Global Report on Ageism (March 2021)
Grampians Region CHSP/HACC-PYPBest Practice Forum: 2021
Virtual Event: Thursday 10 June 2021, 9.00am – 3.30pm
“Doing Business Differently”
This one day virtual event will provide a platform for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP) funded providers in the Grampians Region to unpack, share, and reflect on how they have been doing things differently!
The event will explore the following themes:
 –  Moving from Diversity to Inclusion
 –  Workforce Planning and Engagement
 –  Evaluation / Frameworks / Outcomes

To be facilitated by Lucy Bloom
Change maker, exceptional communicator and
business fixer. 
Lucy will provide the keynote presentation and take you on a roller coaster ride of fascinating experiences and business learnings. Discover how to do business differently, why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan, how kindness and optimism fuel your bottom line and why courage needs daily practice.
Others presenting at the virtual forum include….
– The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council: The first leadership group of its kind in Australia’s aged care industry.  The Council will provide an overview of one of its six core priorities, ‘to enhance workforce sustainability’ – by creating a qualified, skilled workforce that operates in an environment that is professionally rewarding and invested in its future.
– Katherine Cape Consulting: Will share how she has been working collaboratively with community and organisational leaders to help deliver better results through developing and using outcomes measurements and undertaking evaluations.
– Aged & Community Services Australia: One of Australia’s aged care provider peak bodies will join a local CHSP funded service provider, to outline how they worked together to develop a strategic workforce plan.
– Impacto Consulting: Experts in social innovation for not for profits and government will host a panel discussion.  Hear how local service providers have been using co-design to create better services that deliver impact.
… and many other local service provider representatives, who will share their projects, successes, insights, challenges and learnings!

Final Agenda is here.
Visit to register.
Cost: $22.50 per person (inclusive of GST and booking fee)
Registrations close 7 June 2021 at 5.00pm.

FREE Session: Grampians Region Clinical Governance Program 

for CHSP service providers
  • Is your organisation funded to deliver CHSP funded Clinical or Personal Care?  Or are you are wanting to expand services to include these activities?

  • Did you know that the Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS) require aged care services that provide clinical care (including personal care) to demonstrate the use of a clinical governance framework?

You are invited to a free virtual workshop to explore clinical governance, and unpack specific needs of the CHSP sector to fulfil or enhance clinical governance responsibilities. This session will provide an overview of clinical governance and its methodology, to ensure your clinical governance framework meets the requirements of the ACQS and includes actions in all core areas of clinical governance.
Who should attend:  Anyone responsible for quality activities in a funded CHSP service environment; including, but not limited to, Program Managers, Team Leaders, Coordinators and Quality Managers.
Date: Tuesday 22 June 2021
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm, via zoom.
Please RSVP your attendance at by Friday 11 June.
Free for all CHSP Service Providers in the Grampians Region – with the support of IntegratedLiving Hunter.
Facilitated by Claire Edwards:
What is Clinical Governance?

  • Put simply, it’s a framework describes the organisational approach for ensuring the quality and safety of clinical care for consumers.

My organisation has a Quality Management Framework, surely it’s the same thing?

  • There are specific domains and actions in relation to clinical governance (quality indicators and benchmarks, for example), and an existing Quality Management Framework may not align with the National Model Clinical Governance Framework which has five components.  When being audited against the ACQS, it is anticipated that your organisation (Management and Staff) will need to define and articulate elements of your Clinical Governance Framework to satisfactorily meet Standards 3 and 8.

The Clinical Governance Program is intended to assist CHSP Services/ Managers to:

  • Understand their clinical governance requirements and how they differ from corporate governance.

  • Understand clinical governance in the context of the Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS).

  • Understand the application and operationalisation of clinical governance.

  • Draft/ edit a clinical governance framework for their organisation.

(Note:  Prior to the session, Claire will provide all registered participants with some simple templates to review their existing system. Undertaking this pre-work is critical  for attendees to gain maximum benefit).
Disclaimer: Supported by the Australian Government Department of Health. Although funding for this program has been provided by the Australian Government, the material does not necessarily represent the views or policies of Government. 

Introduction to Meaningful Ageing Australia and Spiritual Care

28 June 2021 via Zoom: 12.30pm-1.30pm
The Hunter Sector Support & Development Project would like to extend an opportunity to attend an upcoming event.
Overview: Introduction to Meaningful Ageing Australia, contemporary spiritual care in aged care and its relevance for the changing context of aged care in Australia post-Royal Commission.
Target Audience: Senior Staff, Managers, Coordinators, Team Leaders etc.
To register for this free event, click on the following link:
Short intro webinar:
Introduction to Spiritual Care in Aged Care & the National Guidelines – YouTube
Disclaimer: Although funding for this Webinar has been provided by the Australian Government Department of Health, the material, views and resources contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government Department of Health.

Aged Care Workforce
Working in aged care can be rewarding but also difficult, particularly if the people in your care have experienced trauma. There are simple things you can do to help an older person affected by trauma feel safe and get the help that they need, while also supporting your own wellbeing.

Trauma, Loss and Grief

Sadly, grief and loss are common for people in aged care and can be caused by the death of a loved one, health issues, leaving their home or losing their independence. This can make underlying trauma (such as childhood abuse or experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic) more difficult, leading to ongoing distress and other problems. You can make a difference by knowing when to tell a supervisor that the person in your care needs professional help.

Information for the Aged Care Sector: Issue 2021/9

This newsletter provides important information on matters affecting the aged care sector, including aged care initiatives, programs and processes. We encourage you to share this newsletter with your colleagues and workforce, particularly your communications teams, and encourage them to subscribe for future updates. In this issue:

Announcements since the last newsletter:

The department has also distributed these ‘Protecting Older Australians’ and ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ updates:
The Dementia Guide

For people living with dementia, their families and carers

The Dementia Guide is an important resource for any person impacted by any form of dementia, of any age. The Dementia Guide can help anyone learn about dementia and the treatments, support and services available. The Dementia Guide has been developed in consultation with people living with dementia, their families and carers – making the information as relevant and meaningful as possible. The Dementia Guide may also be useful to the friends, families and carers of people living with dementia, as it contains information about the impact dementia may have on a person, the treatment, support and services they may need, as well as for anyone taking on a caring role. You can download a free digital version or order a printed copy of the Dementia Guide
WHO: Global Report on Ageism (March 2021)


The Global report on ageism outlines a framework for action to reduce ageism including specific recommendations for different actors (e.g. government, UN agencies, civil society organizations, private sector). It brings together the best available evidence on the nature and magnitude of ageism, its determinants and its impact. It outlines what strategies work to prevent and counter ageism, identifies gaps and proposes future lines of research to improve our understanding of ageism. Related publications Global report on ageism – Executive Summary (English, French, Spanish) Global report on ageism – Summary Slides (English, French, Spanish) Global Campaign to Combat Ageism – Toolkit (English, French, Spanish) Guide: Initiating a conversation about ageism (English, French, Spanish) Campaigning to tackle ageism: current practices and suggestions for moving forward (English)

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