Diversity & Inclusion


The Grampians Region Diversity, Wellness and Inclusion Advisor’s role is to improve the capacity of Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers to respond appropriately to the diverse experiences and needs of eligible older people; reducing marginalisation, disadvantage and improving access to appropriate CHSP services.
The CHSP recognises that older people display the same diversity of characteristics and life experiences as the broader population and need to receive services which reflect their diverse needs. Each person may have specific social, cultural, linguistic, religious, spiritual, psychological, medical and care needs and may also identify with many diverse characteristics.
A whole of organisation approach to diversity planning is encouraged by linking it to quality improvement processes and accreditation standards.
The Diversity Advisor works collaboratively with the Department of Health (DoH), other Diversity Advisors, Sector Development Team members, peak bodies and other relevant stakeholders with respect to identified program work priorities.
 The Diversity, Wellness and Inclusion Advisor’s role is to:
  • Work with CHSP providers to understand how to address diversity requirements within the Aged Care Quality Standards and the Charter of Aged Care Rights
  • Support CHSP providers to understand and embed the principles of the National Aged Care Diversity Framework, and Action Plans within their continuous improvement plans
  • Promote diversity practice through participating in relevant meetings, networks and alliances, facilitate communication among providers, identify/share good practices and strengthen client pathways at a local and regional level. (This includes, but is not limited to, working with Regional Networks, Regional Assessment Services, and relevant peak bodies)
  • Act as a key liaison for the dissemination and promotion of relevant resources and updates and follow up with Department of Health (DoH) on issues raised.


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