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The Grampians Region Diversity Advisor’s role is to improve the capacity of Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers to respond appropriately to the diverse experiences and needs of eligible older people; reducing marginalisation, disadvantage and improving access to appropriate CHSP services.


The CHSP recognises that older people display the same diversity of characteristics and life experiences as the broader population and need to receive services which reflect their diverse needs. Each person may have specific social, cultural, linguistic, religious, spiritual, psychological, medical and care needs and may also identify with many diverse characteristics.


A whole of organisation approach to diversity planning is encouraged by linking it to quality improvement processes and accreditation standards.
The Diversity Advisor works collaboratively with the Department of Health (DoH), other Diversity Advisors, Sector Development Team members, peak bodies and other relevant stakeholders with respect to identified program work priorities.


 The Diversity Advisor’s role is to:
  • Work with CHSP providers to understand how to address diversity requirements within the Aged Care Quality Standards and the Charter of Aged Care Rights
  • Support CHSP providers to understand and embed the principles of the National Aged Care Diversity Framework, and Action Plans within their continuous improvement plans
  • Promote diversity practice through participating in relevant meetings, networks and alliances, facilitate communication among providers, identify/share good practices and strengthen client pathways at a local and regional level. (This includes, but is not limited to, working with Regional Networks, Regional Assessment Services, and relevant peak bodies)
  • Act as a key liaison for the dissemination and promotion of relevant resources and updates and follow up with Department of Health (DoH) on issues raised.


The Aged Care Diversity Framework was launched in December 2017. It sets out the actions we can take to make sure aged care services meet the needs of people from diverse backgrounds. It sees a role for the Australian Government, peak organisations, representative groups, service providers, consumers and carers.
Organisations providing Commonwealth subsidised aged care services are required to comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards) from 1 July 2019. Organisations will be assessed and must be able to provide evidence of their compliance with and performance against the Quality Standards. The Quality Standards focus on outcomes for consumers and reflect the level of care and services the community can expect from organisations that provide Commonwealth subsidised aged care services.

Quality Standards

Guidance and resources for providers to support the Aged Care Quality Standards

Consumers receiving Australian Government funded aged care services have the right to be properly looked after, treated well and given high quality care and services. The rights of consumers are protected by a Charter of Aged Care Rights.  On 1 July 2019, a single Charter of Aged Care Rights (the Charter) came into effect. It replaced previous charters of care recipients’ rights and responsibilities.  The comprehensive, concise Charter provides the same rights to all consumers, regardless of the type of subsidised care and services they receive.

OPAN Charter of Aged Care Rights Explainer Video – Consumers (5:45)

This 2020–2022 manual provides an overview of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), including the service types it funds and requirements for delivering those services. It is for CHSP-funded service providers to use, and forms part of their CHSP grant agreement.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Manual

This brochure gives useful tips and ideas about how you and everyone in the Grampians Community, can support our First Nations People’s to live their best life and seek help if they experience memory worries.

The Grampians Diversity Equity & Inclusion Reference Group has collaboratively developed a tool for use by all aged care providers, to guide their own organisational development of a Policy/Procedure/Framework relating to the sexuality, intimacy, body and gender identity/expression for older people living in the Grampians Region.  Please read the Disclaimer before editing this document for your purposes.

This template has been developed as a guide and framework for providers of aged care services to adapt for their agency’s individual needs. The content in this template is suggested only.  All content needs to be considered in the context of the organisation and the aged care programs, activities and services offered to its consumers.

All Enquiries, please contact Gabrielle Fraser  – Diversity Advisor at Grampians Sector Development Team. gabriellef@bchc.org.au or +61 4 9005 1171.

Sexuality, Intimacy, Body and Gender Identity/Expression Policy Framework and Template

Ann Wunsch, Executive Director Operations, Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. Cultural Diversity in Ageing Conference 2018 Presentation

Ann Wunsch, Executive Director Operations, Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. Cultural Diversity in Ageing Conference 2018 Presentation

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