Aboriginal Development


Aboriginal Development Officers (ADO) support CHSP and HACC-PYP staff and organisations to improve access to services for Aboriginal people through culturally responsive services. Aboriginal Development Officers also support Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) to provide services in their communities. The ADO role includes:
  • coordinating regular CHSP/HACC-PYP Aboriginal service provider regional network meetings and facilitating communication between the network and state-wide Victorian Committee for Aboriginal Aged Care and Disability (VCAACD); and
  • supporting the development of partnerships between ACCOs and mainstream CHSP and HACC-PYP providers.
There are four ADOs in Victoria: one for the BSW/Grampians region, one for the Hume/Loddon Mallee regions, one for the Gippsland region and one for the Melbourne metropolitan region. The ADOs work closely with their regional networks, members of the VCAACD and the Sector Development Team to connect their work to state and national policy initiatives.


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